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Important Notice Regarding JVC 52″ and 61″ Rear Projection Televisions

Model Numbers     Serial numbers
HD-52Z575AA       1098**** through 1498****
HD-52Z575PA       1498**** through 1698****
HD-52Z585AA       1098**** through 1398****
HD-52Z585PA       1598**** through 1698****
HD-61Z575AA       1098**** through 1398****
HD-61Z575PA       1498**** through 1698****
HD-61Z585AA       1098**** through 1398****
HD-61Z585PA       1598**** through 1598****

Thank you for your recent purchase of a JVC rear projection television.

As you are no doubt aware, your television employs advanced technology and delivers superior images. We are extremely proud of the television and will do all we can to ensure your continued enjoyment in its use.

JVC has received reports involving our rear projection televisions and we want to advise you accordingly. An internal electrical connection could cause arcing, charring or smoking inside the television.

The remedy calls for replacement of a printed circuit board, a simple free in-home service which can usually be performed in less than an hour by a qualified service technician.

To determine if your set qualifies for this free in-home service, we urge you to select the model number, the model identifier, and enter the serial number of your JVC rear projection television in the fields below.

JVC intends to retrofit all televisions manufactured between May 2004 and November 2004. All units manufactured after November 2004 do not require this service to be performed. Date of manufacture is shown above the serial number on the label located at the rear of the TV set (see sample label below).

The model number, model identifier, and serial number are located on the back panel of the TV set. See the sample picture.

Your safety is our primary concern. We appreciate your cooperation.

Model Number:
Model identifier:
Serial Number:
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