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Noise Canceling Headphone - HA-NCX78 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The JVC HA-NCX78 headphones use several noise-reduction technologies to not only reduce ambient noise but also cord friction noise, wind noise and electrical noise, while maintaining excellent user comfort and outstanding sound quality. Superior noise canceling technology built into JVC HA-NCX78 headphones reduces ambient noise by up to 88 percent. This makes them a fine choice for enjoying music, and also for minimizing distraction by environmental noise in order to relax or concentrate more effectively.
    • Multi noise-reduction system reduces 1) 88%ambient noise 2) electrical noise 3) friction noise on the cord 4) wind noise
    • Detachable soft ear loop for secure over-the-ear cord style
    • Monitor function on/off allows you to hear surrounding sound without taking ear-set off
    • Memory foam and three sizes of silicon earpieces for comfortable fitting
    • 50h long battery life