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Over-Ear/On-Ear In Ear / Ear Bud Sport / Fitness XX Series Bluetooth / Noise Canceling Full Size Headphones Microphone/Remote Headband / Lightweight Premium
  • Introduction

    The new JVC HA-SX500 achieves high quality sound with a large 16mm neodymium driver unit and new Bi-METAL structure. The lightweight headphones fit securely and comfortably with a cushioned metallic headband and 3 sizes of ergonomic earpieces. The HA-SX500 delivers enhanced dynamic sound by employing a large 16mm neodymium driver unit, offering greater power handling and sensitivity. The Bi-METAL structure, meanwhile, designed to holds a stainless steel base unit with a ring made of brass, high specific heavy metal, and controls its movement for superior sound reproduction across the frequency range. The vast reduction in friction noise is another innovation to please audiophiles. The HA-SX500 features flexible rubber joints, reducing friction noise while increasing comfort, and uses OFC (oxygen-free copper) to minimize transmission loss in the 0.8 meter friction noise reduction cord. The HA-SX500 also offers up-to-date connection possibilities with an iPhone compatible plug. The lightweight HA-SX500 headphones also feature an ear-conscious design, making them comfortable and practical, fitting securely in the ear while at the same time delivering superior isolation from external sounds and minimizing sound leakage. The ergonomic earpieces come in three sizes to provide snug, customized sizing, supported by a cushioned metallic headband for a secure fit and hours of comfort. A number of convenient accessories complete the package, such as a 0.7m extension cord and a handy carrying case.
    • Bi-METAL structure drives the high-quality sound system, controlling diaphragm movement with a ring made of brass, high-specific heavy metal
    • High-quality sound with Bi-METAL structure and new 16mm driver unit
    • Secure & comfortable fit with a cushioned metallic band and 3 sizes of ergonomic earpieces
    • Gold-plated iPhone compatible plug
    • 2.62ft(0.8m) friction noise reduction cord +2.30ft(0.7m) extension cord