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Over-Ear/On-Ear In Ear / Ear Bud Sport / Fitness XX Series Bluetooth / Noise Canceling Full Size Headphones Microphone/Remote Headband / Lightweight Premium
Noise Canceling Headphone - HA-NC70 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The HANC70 is the first ever Noise Canceling Headphone in ear clip style that can produce a 70% noise reduction when in the active mode. It also has 50 hours of use on one AAA battery. The HANC70 comes with an in-line battery box with volume control for a convenient control of volume while listening to the music, or the HANC70 will also operate as a regular clip headphone with volume control in passive mode. Airplane adapter and a carrying pouch is included.
    • 70% noise reduction
    • In-line volume control
    • 14 - 22,000 Hz
    • Airplane adapter and carrying pouch
    • 30mm Driver