A/V Multimedia Center - KD-AV7000 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    Possessing the strength of 235 watts, the versatility of a DVD/CD player and an AM/FM tuner, the KD-AV7000 allows your friends in the back seat to watch the newest thrillers, as you crank up the stereo while you drive. With an incredible 7" Widescreen Touch-panel monitor, it's worth it to always take the long way.
    • Power Output: 235W Max. Music Power Front/Rear: 50WX4, Center 35WX1
    • 5.1ch Dolby Digital/DTS Decoder Built In
    • Detachable Fully-Motorized 7" In-Dash Widescreen Monitor and Partially Detachable Control Panel
    • Touch Panel with GUI
    • Motorized Tilt Fore & Aft Adjustment