Personal CD Players - XL-PV390 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The JVC XL-PV390, complete with car cassette adapter and battery adapter, offers great portable CD player performance with incredible value. It features 45-second anti-shock that will keep your music playing under almost any conditions. Additional features include a heat-resistant casing, headphones & Hyper Bass for great sound.
    • Car Kit Included
    • Includes Car Kit containing, 1 Cassette adapter and 1 Cigarette Lighter DC Adapter
    • ASP-EX(Extreme): an advanced 45 Sec. anti-shock protection, which significantly improves performance compared to conventional anti-shock protection. For more information please click on the link provided.
    • Hyper-Bass Sound (on/off)
    • 20-hour playback (with alkaline batteries)