Micro Systems - VS-DT2000 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The VS-DT2000 combines high sound quality and a stylish exterior. This new stlyish design is beutiful and functional, the layout free design allows the unit to be set up vertically, horizontally, or the unit and speakers can be wall mounted. The display is flippable so the display can be read when used either vertical or horizontal. Housed inside round aluminum enclosures are extremely slim direct-drive stick speakers. Thanks to a number of JVC exlusive technologies, each delivers an exceptionally wide sound field, as well as pinpoint definition - the kind of sound you can't imagine from it's looks.
    • Power: 19 watts x 2 channels
    • Rotating display panel with flippable display
    • Slim aluminum pole-shaped speaker enclousure for higher sound quality. Wall mount brackets included.
    • 60 Watt Subwoofer
    • Diecast aluminum speaker frame