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52″ to 70″ TV - AV-61S902 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    JVC's New D'ahlia uses a 1.2" single panel D-ILA Device that has 1.32 Million Pixels or nearly 4 Million addressable RGB dots. With this device there is NO Convergence to worry about, it is worry free when it comes to image burn in under normal use and it is able to reflect over 90% of the original 200W light source giving you a brighter picture from corner to corner. With it's Dual Component Video Inputs it is ready for 480i, 480p and 1080i outputs from a Set-Top Box. this unit will automaticly sense whether it is receiving an HD or DVD signal.
    • 61" HDTV Monitor Rear Projection Television (16:9)
    • High Density Single Panel Device (1.32 Million Pixels, Nearly 4 Million RGB Dots)
    • Front Reflective Surface Mirror
    • Dual NTSC Tuner Split Screen
    • 3D Y/C Digital Comb Filter