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Mini DV - GR-DV2000U - Introduction
  • Introduction

    Born To Shoot- A new breed of digital video camera. Based on a straight forward idea- that a better camera produces a better picture. Combined with a hybrid design- so the quality comes through when shooting high-resolution digital video or UXGA (1600x1200-pixel) digital stills. Optically and digitally ready to perform- if serious performance is what you want, the GR-DV2000u is the answer that catapults you to a higher level of videography and photography. Totally Focused on Quality this high-band DV model is improved thanks to a new 680,000 pixel Progressive Scan CCD, a High Band Video Processor, and the unique JVC Progressive Color Filter. By using this technology, JVC is able to achieve Progressive 1000 Super Resolution- an astounding 520 lines horizontal by 480 lines vertical resolution. This technology also offers a digital still picture quality that exceeds the capabilities of traditional DV video tape. To allow for the highest quality digital stills in UXGA resolution (1600 X 1200) 1.92 Megapixel Digital Stills with pixel Shift Technology- a combination of JVC's AIS (Accurate Image Shift) Lens and 680,000-pixel Progressive scan CCD make this possible., JVC has added the Dual Cam feature with a removable SD Memory Card/ MultiMediaCard capatability (16MB MMC card included) which can be used to store your highest resolution still pictures. A digital still picture output is provided, and both the USB cable and CD ROM software ($180 Value) for Windows are included to allow easy downloading of still pictures to your computer. DV In/Out provides for easy computer connection for more advanced applications. Geared Towards Shooting the GR-DV2000u boasts with a slim Shooting-Oriented In-Line Design, Real-Touch Manual Focus Ring, Power-Linked Operation (as soon as you pull out the viewfinder or open the LCD monitor, the camera automatically powers up) Info-Shoe for Various Accessories ( Auto Light, Video Flash and Stereo Zoom Mic), Lens hood and Endurance Shooting. An analog input allows for older video sources to be copied to the Mini DV format. This makes it possible to create an archived copy or lets you download the video to a computer for additional editing. The GR-DV2000U has the best view in the house with a 3.5" LCD view screen, and a color viewfinder. The 300X zoom makes sure you don't miss any of the action. Playback zoom lets you move in for a closer look after you have made the recording. A wide selection of Pro Style Digital Effects and scene transitions- most of which can be applied during playback, without affecting the original recording. Progressive Super Wide to shoot a wider image. Dual shooting mode to shoot motion video and a still picture at the same time uninterrupted. A multi-brand remote control allows you to control the cybercam as well as many brands of video recorders. Random Assemble Editing provides an eight scene memory for favorite scenes as well as the ability to add special effects while editing them to a video recorder.
    • Integrated Digital Still Camera
    • 680,000 Pixel 1/4" Progressive Scan CCD with Progressive Color Filter. High Band Processor for expanded 520 lines of horizontal resolution and a full 480 lines of vertical resolution
    • 200,000 pixel - 3.5" High Resolution - Anti-glare,  270-degree rotating LCD color monitor
    • RM-V718U Multi-function Remote Control
    • F1.8 Bright lens