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Digital Still Cameras - GC-QX5HDU - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The GC-QX5HD is the newest, state-of-the-art, digital still camera from JVC. The 3.34 Mega Pixel CCD allows for high quality pictures at resolutions up to 2032 X 1536. 

    - 1080i HDTV Compatible Output, the GC-QX5HD can output a 1080 scanning line interlaced image- the same signal used by HDTV. Get ready for the "new rules" of television, with a high definition image and output that are ready for the task.

    Pro-Still Technology offers several modes that improve picture even further when photographing stationary subjects. 
    The 6 Mega Pro-Still mode uses advanced pixel shifting to create an even higher resolution image equivalent to over 6 mega pixels. NR Pro-Still can be used to dramatically reduce picture noise by up to 9db. 

    The GC-QX5HD comes with a Film Copy Attachment that lets you shoot your old film negatives in 6Mega Pro-Still mode and make digital stills from them. This convenient feature makes digitizing your films quick and easy.

    DR Pro-Still allows digital stills that approach the same wide latitude of conventional film by creating separate exposures for highlight & shadow areas. Then these separate exposures are combined. This, in effect, triples the cameras dynamic range.

    The GC-QX5HD offers maximum creativity & convenience with collage modes, video e-mail capability, auto flash and a 200,000 pixel 2" TFT View Screen..

    This JVC digital still camera is easy to connect via USB terminal, and both Windows & Apple drivers are provided. A special high speed connection is also offered for the matching JVC GV-SP2 printer.

    • 3.34 MegaPixel CCD with RGB Color Filter (minimizes aliasing effects to reproduce vivid colors with all their true-to-life brilliance)
    • 200,000-pixel TFT Polycrystlline Silicon Color LCD
    • Built-in Auto Flash with red-eye reduction
    • Hi-Contrast 2.3x Zoom Lens
    • 6 Megapixel Pro-Still mode shifts color pixels for more vibrant color resolution