Amplifiers - KS-N60 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The KS-N60 is a 6-way crossover network that is essential for best performance with a multiple amplifier, component mobile audio system. It features 3 pairs of inputs, 6 pairs of outputs, a parametric equalizer and adjustable cross-over frequencies.
    • 6-way Crossover Network
    • Crossover Frequencies Front: Mid-Bass-H.P. 30-300Hz, L.P. 50-800Hz, Midrange-H.P. 50-800Hz, L.P. 3000-10kHz, High- H.P. 3000-10,000Hz
    • Crossover Frequencies Rear: Midrange-H.P. 50-800Hz, L.P. 3000-10kHz, High-H.P. 3000-10kHz
    • Crossover Frequencies Sub: L.P. 30-200Hz
    • Independent Gain Control