CD / Cassette Receivers - KW-XC550 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    If you are looking for a car stereo with both a CD and a Cassette Deck, look no further. The JVC KW-XC550 provides both popular formats in a Double DIN configuration. This full featured stereo has a high power 40 Watt X 4 Channel amplifier and a gold plated pre-amp output for easy system expansion. A front mounted gold auxiliary input provides additional flexibility. In addition to the built-in CD player, the KW-XC770 has CD Changer Control, which makes it easy to add on an optional JVC 12-Disc CD Changer. The cassette deck is full featured as well. If offers a full-logic, automatic reverse transport along with Dolby Noise reduction & Multi Music Scan. A remote control offers added convenience. An over-sized, multi-color LCD display with a nine-band spectrum analyzer display rounds out this great stereo.
    • Direct Track Access (1-12)
    • 1-bit DAC
    • CD Player Random and Repeat Play modes
    • Direct Disc Select (1-12)
    • CD Changer modes:2 Random Play, 2 Repeat Play modes