CD Receivers - KD-LX1 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The KD-LX1 is JVC's new El Kameleon anti-theft CD Receiver with CD Changer Control.

    While you're driving, the multi-color LCD's bright CFL backlight provides an attractive, easy-to-see display with illuminated operation keys sensibly laid out to provide easy access to all controls. Yet as soon as you turn off the ignition, the El Kameleon display disappears completely and the control panel keys slide back out of sight. Now completely flat and blank, the receiver's face blends with the surrounding surface of the console, making it almost impossible to tell that something is there. But that's not the only neat trick this unique system is capable of. When you insert or eject a disc, the control panel is retracted and the display is lowered to reveal a disc insertion slot, while the display indicates that a disc is being inserted/ejected.
    • 40 W x 4 Max. Power Output
    • CD Text for CD Player and Changer
    • 1-bit DAC
    • CD Changer modes:2 Random Play, 2 Repeat Play and 2 Intro Scan modes
    • Direct Disc Select (1-12)