Latest firmware is V0110-0111

What's new:
  • When used with RM-LP100 remote controller (FW V02-00),the following functions can be controlled over IP: Zoom, Focus, Iris, Master Black, Gain, Shutter, WB R Gain/B Gain, AE Level, Detail, AF/MF, Menu Operation, Tally for PGM/PVW
  • Interop Exchange Recording Format
  • Fix TC recorded in AVCHD to be imported to FCP
  • Fix for WiFi AP not to be listed when SSID string includes space character

  • Check to see if camera needs firmware update:
    1. Press Menu > System > System Information > Version.
    2. Make note of the Version NNNN-NNNN, then enter NNNN-NNNN in the Version field below.

    Please specify the version numbers for the following as shown on your setup screen (or '0000' for D-ILA projectors).

    Update Requirements:
    AC adapter
    Blank SD/SDHC card

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