Firmware V0306-0093
What's new:
  • Additional Interop Exchange Recording formats
  • Using RM-LP100 remote controller (FW V02-00), the following functions are controllable via IP: Zoom, Focus, Iris, Master Black, Gain, Shutter, W/B R Gain/B Gain, AE Level, Detail, AF/MF, Menu Operation, Tally PGM/PVW
  • Fix SSID not appearing when WiFi AP has blank character in SSID string

  • How to display VERSION(CAMERA):
    1. Press MENU and scroll up to SYSTEM.
    2. Scroll up to SYSTEM INFORMATION.
    3. Make note of the VERSION(CAMERA) and enter on the field below.

    Please specify the version numbers for the following as shown on your setup screen (or '0000' for D-ILA projectors).


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