AM/FM CD Receiver - KD-SH1000 - Specification
  • Specifications

    CD Receivers
    CD Player KD-SH1000
    MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3 Tag/WMA Tag Yes
    CD-R/RW Compatible Yes
    CD Text Yes
    Disc Name Registration Yes
    Direct Track Access (1-12) Yes (with remote control)
    Random/Repeat Play Yes
    Intro Scan Yes
    Frequency Response 5 - 20,000Hz
    Dynamic Range 98dB
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio 105dB
    Channel Separation More than 85dB
    Wow & Flutter Less than measurable limit
    CD Changer Control KD-SH1000
    MP3 Control Yes (with CH-X1500)
    CD Text Yes (with CH-X1500)
    Disc Name Registration Yes
    Direct Disc Select (1-12) Yes (with remote control)
    Random/Repeat Play Yes
    Intro Scan Yes
    iPod/iPhone Control KD-SH1000
    Play / Pause / Skip / Search Yes
    Rndom/Repeat Play Yes
    Text Yes
    USB KD-SH1000
    MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3 Tag/WMA Tag Yes
    Direct Folder Select (1-12) Yes
    Random/Repeat Play Yes
    Intro Scan Yes
    SDHC/SD [5] KD-SH1000
    SD Slot Yes
    MP3/WMA Playback Yes
    Tuner KD-SH1000
    SAT Radio Ready Yes
    Tuner Type
    DiAS Digital Yes
    Preset Stations 18 FM, 6 AM
    Station Name Registration Yes
    SSM (for FM) Yes
    AFNS/PNC Yes
    Seek (Up/Down) Yes
    Stereo/Mono Switch (for FM) Yes
    Frequency Range 87.5 - 107.9MHz
    Usable Sensitivity 11.3dBf (1.0uV/75 ohms)
    50dB Quieting Sensitivity 16.3dBf (1.8uV/75 ohms)
    Stereo Separation 35dB
    Frequency Range 530 - 1,710kHz
    Sensitivity 20uV
    Selectivity 35dB
    Amplifier KD-SH1000
    Maximum Power Output 200W (50W x 4)
    Continuous Power Output (RMS) (CEA-2006 Compliant) 4CH: 20 watts per channel into 4 ohms, 40Hz - 20kHz, at no more than 1.0% total harmonic distortion + N
    MOS-FET Amplifier Yes
    Audio DAC
    Advanced Multi-bit DAC Yes
    BBE Digital Yes
    Source-Specific Volume Control Yes
    Volume Attenuator Yes
    Balance/Fader Control Yes
    DSP Yes (Advanced DSP)
    9-Band iEQ Yes
    3-Band Parametric iEQ Yes
    Time Alignment (DSP) Yes
    LPF/HPF Cross Over Yes
    Max. Amp Gain Switcher Yes
    Amp Defeat Switch Yes
    Adjustable Line Input Yes (Gold-Plated)
    Line Output Terminals (Pair) 2 Pairs (Gold-Plated)
    Subwoofer Output with Level/Frequency Control Yes (Gold-Plated)
    Frequency Response 40 - 20,000Hz
    Load Impedance 4 ohms (4 - 8 ohms allowable)
    Line Output Impedance 1k ohms
    Display KD-SH1000
    Display Type
    Dot-Matrix FL Display Yes
    Contrast Control Yes
    Switchable Dimmer Yes
    General KD-SH1000
    Face Type
    Motorized Slide-Out Face Yes
    Detachable Face Panel Yes
    Wireless Remote Control
    Multi-Function Wireless Remote Control Yes
    Rotary Encoder Yes
    Beep Tone Support Yes
    Tel. Muting Yes (with CD Pause function)
    Power-Off Mode Eject Yes
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    Installation Size 182 x 52 x 162mm
    Panel Size 188 x 58 x 11mm
    Detachable Face Plate Size 169 x 44.5 x 19.9mm

    How to use footnotes
    Look in the specifications table for a number enclosed in brackets. Then search the footnotes for the same number enclosed in brackets. The footnote with the same number in brackets provides additional information regarding the details in the specification table. The footnote does not apply to any line in the table that does not contain a bracketed number.

    [1] Not Compatible with DRM-protected musicpurchased from iTunes Store
    [2] Available functions depend on mobile phone.
    [3] Compatibility with 2-way control for iPod/iPhone differs by model.
    [4] USB playback not supported for NTFS formatted devices. When partitions are created, only the first partition can be read. (Maximum current supply 0.5A)
    [5] Compatible with up to 32GB SDHC and up to 2GB SD
    [6] KS-BTA100 required
    [7] Not available for DAB Radio
    [8] KS-BTA50 required
    [9] Switching from headunit mode to iPod/iPhone mode will pause your iPod/iPhone. For playback, please press ''play" on your iPod/iPhone.