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DVD Recorder/Hi-Fi VHS Combination - DR-MV5S - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The DR-MV5S is the ideal choice for preserving your memories from tape to disc. Just press and hold the VHS?³ button for 2 seconds and JVCs exclusive One-Touch Expert Dubbing goes into action. Expert Dubbing automatically creates Thumbnail chapter references at each index point on the tape. Expert dubbing also skips any unwanted blank space on the tape between recordings and selects the optimum bit rate to ensure the best picture quality possible while precisely fitting the whole content on a 4.7GB disc. You also get up to 8 hours of DVD recording time (16 hours using a double sided disc). Watch a DVD while recording a TV program on tape or visa versa. Dub DVD to VCR (non copyrighted material only) and VCR to DVD. You can easily make copies of your favorite home movies using the DV Input from a firewire equipped camcorder or use the A/V inputs. The DR-MV5S is the versatile solution for DVD and VHS recording.
    • DVD Recorder/Hi-Fi VHS Combination Deck
    • Motion Adaptive Progressive Scan Output (for video source)
    • DVD Digital Direct Progressive Scan Output
    • Recording Formats: DVD-RAM/-RW(VR & Video format)/-R, VHS Hi-Fi
    • Super MPEG Post-Processor: Block Noise Reduction Circuit, Color DigiPure and Hadamard Noise Reduction System