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Over-Ear/On-Ear In Ear / Ear Bud Sport / Fitness XX Series Bluetooth / Noise Canceling Full Size Headphones Microphone/Remote Headband / Lightweight Premium
Ear Clip Headphone - HA-E23A - Introduction
  • Introduction

    EAR CLIP STYLE with Fashion Colors. It comes in Blue or Pink. The Clip is transparent so that when you wear it the only part of the earphone that is visible is the gem base. The ear plug itself is designed to fit into any ear, because it is angled to allow it to sit comfortly in the ear cavity.
    • Ear Bud Stereo Mini Headphones
    • nominal impedence: 16 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 103 dB/mW
    • Frequency response: 16-22,000 Hz
    • Cord Length: 1.2 m (3.9 ft.)