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20″ to 26″ TV - TV-20F242 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    Whether it's for the office, the kitchen, the classroom or the children's room, this 20" pure flat Stereo TV/VCR combo is attractive enough to fit anywhere. This TV/VCR combo includes the most important features of a high quality TV and VCR. Not only will it play S-VHS tapes using SQPB technology, but for superior picture quality in the EP mode, Pro-cision 19 micron VCR technology is used to boost EP picture quality to near SP levels.
    • 20" Tinted FLAT CRT
    • MTS Stereo with dBX and SAP
    • Front Firing Speakers
    • Hyper Scan High Speed Channel Changer
    • Front and Rear A/V Input