Boom Boxes - RS-WP1 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    THe RS-WP1 "Sound Rock-it" It's totally new, sensational,and conpicuous. Wear it on your back and feel it rattle your spine with bumps and thumps. The RS-WP1 comes with shoulder straps and a waist belt to allow you to easily carry it around while you are on the go. It also comes equipped with a stand for ease of listening while you are relaxing. The RS-WP1 is water resistant with a vent free design, rubber grommeted key pads, and drain holes for the cassette and CD. Dual 4" full range speakers and Dual 4" passive radiators give the RS-WP1 a full sound with great bass response. It also includes active hyper bass PROII to deliver dynamic bass response and clear vocals. The full function remote and dual remotes sensor allow the user the freedom to change music while on the go or while relaxing with friends.
    • 24 WATTS Total Power
    • Active Hyper Bass PROII
    • Headphone Input
    • Digital tuner with 15 AM and 30 FM presets
    • 1-bit D/A converter