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MICRO-HD Inner-ear headphones - HA-FXC51 - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The HA-FXC51 features a specially developed JVC MICRO-HD driver unit, designed to send audio directly into the user’s ear. In addition, a bass-boosting port and carbon diaphragm reproduce high-clarity deep bass, while secure-fitting rubber cushions offer maximum comfort for any listener. The HA-FXC51 provides excellent sound quality and superior isolation by employing an innovative MICRO-HD driver unit mounted on the tip of the headphone housing. Different from conventional inner ear headphones, this design positions the driver unit in the ear canal to deliver high-definition sound directly into the ear without diffused reflection. The earpieces come in three sizes to ensure a customized fit, and the headphones come with soft rubber cushions designed for hours of comfort for any wearer. These snug-fitting headphones are not only less likely to fall out, they also provide better isolation from outside sounds and minimize sound leakage. Outfitted with a slim, gold-plated iPhone-compatible plug for maximum flexibility, the four-foot (1.2m) pure copper cord is designed to minimize friction noise. A handy carrying pouch and cord clip completes the package.
    • High-definition sound and superior sound isolation with MICRO-HD driver unit
    • Bass-boosting port and carbon diaphragm reproduce high-clarity deep bass
    • Soft rubber cushion provides comfortable and secure fit
    • 3.94ft (1.2m) cord with gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug
    • Carrying pouch, cord clip and S/M/L ear pieces included