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Satellite Systems - HM-DH30000U - Introduction
  • Introduction

    The age of high definition is here. And so is the age of D-VHS. The HM-DH30000 is the world’s first hi-def solution to allow recording and playback of HD content at full quality and offer compatibility with ATSC broadcast formats. So the HM-DH30000 is compatible with the future… while also offering compatibility with the past thanks to its analog VHS and Super VHS recording/ playback functions.
    • Digital Set-top box ready with Digital-to-Digital connection via i.Link (IEEE 1394) terminal
    • HDTV Digital Broadcast Bitstream Recording/ Playback
    • Built-in MPEG2 Decoder for Direct Connection to HDTV
    • Can Record Any Type of Broadcast including HD, SD or Analog
    • HS mode (28.2 Mbps) for up to 4 hours* HDTV recording STD Mode (14.1 Mbps) for up to 8 hours* SD recording LS3 Mode (4.7 Mbps) for up to 24 hours* long-time recording * Per DF-480 cassette